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Come. Escape into a time that never was. Chivalry lives and breathes. Kings reign in stone fortresses defended by brave and mighty warriors. Honor and bravery are valued above life. Adventure lurks around every corner.




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Wren Romany

The sixth born of the nine Romany siblings, Wren takes up bounty hunting upon the family's expulsion from their family home. Her career leads her and her falcons on adventures far from home, but her heart refuses to leave its humble beginnings. As the world readies itself for winter, Wren begins to ache for her roots and seeks to winter under a sheltering roof instead of on the road. In her search, she discovers a vagabond group of civil war veterans from the losing side of the local conflict. She agrees to pay for her lodging in their tumble down castle with her superior hunting skills. However, she quickly realizes that she has discovered something more lasting than a winter's shelter. Come and see what happens... (If you wish to read the stories of the other siblings' adventures go to


Six Years Later... & Kristy's Wedding

Six friends from high school continue their adventures beyond high school. Light, silly, and clean, the part of stories are a fun read.

Six Years Later...

Kristy's Wedding


 The Call

She was more than a friend, and for awhile he'd believed she would be his forever ... but now Daniel has to say goodbye. Will the distance change everything ...

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